Why Us

Why Termo İndüksiyon?


What is important for you is also important for us. We very much care about high quality production. You can learn detailed information on the operation. Just ask our staff and they will be happy to answer your questions.


We have ISO 9001:2008 certificate. We work with “What you cannot measure is not your job” principle. All the measures that are needed are done, even small details and same quality is maintained from 1st to the 100.000nd production. There is a much more complex infrastructure, machine and equipment than what appears. All processes are under our control.

Machine Park

We have a wide range of machine park that is equipped with tools and kits. We do not only work with the current tools but also if needed, we can make special tools for your product. For the best production, we work with the right appliances. We never use second hand machines in our productions.

Delivery Time

It is very important for us to deliver the goods on time. What urgent and important for you is also urgent and important for us.

Technical Support

Technical information (Heat treatment, equipment, geometry) and finding solutions for problems are important for us even before production.


We have a staff that is experienced, skillfull, good humored, highly qualified with technical information and understanding the customer in the right way.


Our laboratory is equipped with a wide range of measurement equipments. Not only we can measure hardness and depth of materials, we can also apply chemical analysis (Spectral analysis) and measure small details such as cooling water.

Corporate Approach

For us, your work is the most important and urgent. We target to meet customer satisfaction and needs in the right way.


With stable price policy, we have a business understanding that is based on win win business model.